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Jeanne Nemeth & Cathy Morton - The Village Team

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Jeanne Nemeth & Cathy Morton - The Village Team
DAPHNE, Alabama – After a vacation to the Eastern Shore in 2005, Jeanne Nemeth made the decision to move to Baldwin County. 
It did not take Nemeth long to decide. In fact, within two days Nemeth knew she wanted to sell her house in Florida at the time and move to the Eastern Shore.

"I so fell in love with the area," Nemeth said. "I went back and made the decision to move and within one year I sold my home and moved here."
One certain town stood out to Nemeth – Fairhope. In particular, Nemeth really enjoyed downtown Fairhope and the pier.
"When I went into downtown Fairhope I saw how quaint it was," Nemeth said. "It is so cozy."

Nemeth said she has an art background and enjoys painting, garden art and mosaics, so the artsy feel of the town made an ideal area to relocate to.
"I wanted to be an artist while living in Cleveland," Nemeth said.

While she has not taken up art as a profession, Nemeth did discover her life's calling after a spring break trip to Ft. Lauderdale.
"I came to Florida on spring break, and then moved to Ft. Lauderdale," Nemeth said. "I was not sure where to work and when I found my apartment, I saw they needed a receptionist."

The receptionist position soon opened the doors to a career in real estate for Nemeth.

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Jeanne Nemeth
Birthplace: Cleveland, Ohio.  
Hometown: Daphne 
Occupation: Real estate agent 
Activities: gardening, garage saling 

"Later, they put me through real estate school," Nemeth said about her then-employer. "Real estate and business is not what I wanted to do or aspired to be, but 30 years later I am still loving it. It is funny how things work out."

When Nemeth had moved from Florida, she left a 30-year career in real estate. However, Nemeth was soon able to jump back into working in real estate at her current work Bellator Real Estate and Development.

"I discovered Bellator Real Estate and that was huge for me," Nemeth said. "That was the first time since moving from Florida that I worked with a home community."

Nemeth's home community she is working with is Old Battles Village. She recalled that when she started working there in 2012 there were only three houses and vacant fields, but today the Village looks different.

"All these people have moved in and have made it into a neighborhood," Nemeth said. "That is so exciting for me."
Happy with her career and activities, Nemeth plans to continue what she is doing.

"My long-term goal is to have a happy balance in real estate, having time to garden, enjoy my art, go to garage sales and basically doing what I am doing now."

Nemeth said she also enjoys working with the Exceptional Foundation. Nemeth's good friend has a son with Down Syndrome. Wanting to contribute, Nemeth and Bellator Real Estate became involved and recently raised $1,000 from an art auction for the Exceptional Foundation.
"That is something that is important to me, and I would like to get more involved with it," Nemeth said.